Pampers Urges the Nation to Deliver Thanks on International Day of the Midwife
Tuesday, June 5, 2018 11:55 am BST


Since December 2017, Pampers has inspired over 15,000 people to say #ThankYouMidwife. But with 1,900 new babies born every day there is still an important job to be done in recognising this incredible profession. So on International Day of the Midwife, Pampers is continuing its #ThankYouMidwife campaign, pledging to help show Midwives how valued they truly are.

Despite their vital role, 1 in 3 Midwives admit they feel underappreciated and undervaluedAnd whilst the majority of UK mums agree that it is important to thank midwives, just over half (58%) actually do. That’s why Pampers is calling for parents to keep saying #ThankYouMidwife on social media.

For every thank you shared Pampers will donate £1 to the Benevolent Fund of the Royal College of Midwives to support midwives in need. One #ThankYouMidwife post = £1 donation.

And as a further small act of appreciation, Pampers will be helping improve Midwives’ staff rooms across the UK, for that well needed (and rarely fulfilled) tea break.  

Research revealed that 62% of Midwives don’t have time to have a proper drink or even a bathroom break on shift. When they do find time to take a break, Midwives told Pampers their facilities are often old and run down. So, starting with Southampton Hospital – whose Midwives feature in the upcoming TV ad – Pampers will be helping out at Hospitals all over the UK.

To encourage people to keep saying #ThankYouMidwife, Pampers is working with actress Jacqueline Jossa, who is currently pregnant with her second child. Jacqueline said:
This campaign really means a lot to me, so I’m thrilled to partner with Pampers. I had such a positive experience with my midwives the first time round and I really can’t thank them enough. It’s been a much more difficult pregnancy this time and I don’t think I could have got through those early days without the help and guidance of my midwife. I love the idea of Pampers helping the country to say ‘thank you’ and show their appreciation to such a deservinggroup of men and women"

Caroline Gorrie, Pampers Brand Manager, said:
Midwives do an incredible job and always go above and beyond, so Pampers wants to make sure that none of them feels under-valued. Through this campaign, we hope to celebrate them, show our appreciation and help bring a smile to the faces of midwives in hospitals throughout the country.”

Gill Walton, Chief Executive and General Secretary at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), said:
Midwives play a crucial role in helping women and families throughout pregnancy, the delivery of their babies and beyond, so we’re delighted that Pampers continues to recognise them. The donations made through the #ThankYouMidwife social media campaign make a huge difference to our members who need them, so the RCM would also like to thank the public for their ongoing support.”

This campaign is part of Pampers’ long-term commitment to appreciate and recognise every midwife in the UK.

WATCH the video: #ThankYouMidwife

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