Innovate, Connect, Collaborate

Sunday, December 5, 2010 7:36 pm GMT

P&G UK Vice President, Irwin Lee, shares his thoughts on how Innovation, Connection & Collaboration are the key to shaping the future of sustained growth --- with the consumer at the heart of all of this…


“Consumers are receptive to innovation even in the darkest of economic times. The past 2 years proved this once again. Consumers have always embraced and rewarded great innovation and this hasn’t changed. But we do need to change the way we innovate:

To shape the future for sustained growth, we need to expand our innovation thinking in more dimensions:
- First, we will continue to bring breakthrough products to market … to disrupt categories and deliver the ‘new’ that excites shoppers; but we also need to sustain the base.
- Second, we will innovate vertically up and down tiers. We can’t just look to serve the top of the income pyramid, but need to serve the middle and the bottom too.
- Third, we need to broaden our offerings horizontally … extending into adjacencies, to grow our business in new areas.

Growth comes from a constant stream of innovation; and that’s how we’ll guarantee building the future.”


“Technology is clearly shaping the future of how we reach our consumer. Developments in digital, mobile and social media provide a new world of opportunities. We can engage and entertain consumers in far more interactive and more flexible fashion. And you know what – it’s fun!

There are lots of cool things we can do with new media…

But bringing in the new does not mean out with the old and the familiar – the tried and tested. Radio did not kill print; and video did not kill the radiostar. So, while online and mobile are the hot new things, television continues to be an important vehicle for mass reach.

Increasingly, we live in a multi-tasking, multi-sensorial, multi-media world. So the question for the future of consumer connections isn’t: how do we shift … from traditional to new media? But rather, how do we maximize multi-touchpoints across all relevant media?”


“These are exciting times and we have leading edge capabilities right here in the UK. To build a stronger future, we need to continue to collaborate – suppliers and retailers – to bring these capabilities to bear for the benefit of our consumers and shoppers.

Critical to this is understanding how shoppers interact with our innovations, our products in store – whether a physical store or a virtual online store.

Four years ago we opened our state-of-the-art shopper research facility here in the UK. Cutting-edge virtualization technology gave us fast response insights into shopper behaviour and how to optimise the in-store environment… not just for today, but also for stores of the future.”