Diversity at P&G

Everyone valued, everyone included
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 12:20 pm BST



Niall de Lacy, HR Director, P&G UK and Ireland

At P&G, we set a vision for our workforce that would entail, ‘Everyone valued, everyone included, everyone performing at their peak.’ This establishes a broad approach to growing our people and identifies the crucial role that diversity and inclusion plays in developing an effective organisation.

Diversity drives business forward. Diversity of people brings diversity of style, approach to business and ideas. It sparks new creativity and innovation. Business teams need to be as diverse as the people they seek to serve. For P&G, this means mirroring the diversity of the 5 billion people around the planet we reach with our brands.

Today, five of 11 members of P&G’s Board of Directors are female; 29% of line presidents are female, up from 6% in 2000; 43% of our managers, globally, are women; over 43% of our management new hires in the past 5 years have been women; and in the UK, we have a 50:50 gender split at all levels of our organisation.

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We are proud to be ranked in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2013

Embracing and championing diversity in your organisation creates a culture of inclusive decision-making, where people understand and appreciate different styles and approaches to work and management. You breed even greater levels of empathy with each other, with external business partners and with both existing and potential consumer groups. This empathy stimulates the innovation that remains a perpetual catalyst to business growth.

You get better ideas as people value different opinions but also feel comfortable challenging where they disagree.

We need the best leaders, the best thinkers, the best collaborators and the best innovators to succeed. We need more diversity in, for example, gender, culture, sexual orientation or religious belief. We need to celebrate all the visible and invisible differences and leverage diversity as a positive business advantage. We know that diverse teams are more successful at delivering results. They better represent the people we seek to serve; they challenge the established status quo, think in new creative ways and conceive the best strategies to win in an ever-changing market. Our job is to understand and remove all the barriers that are preventing the best talent getting the best jobs as well as the barriers that stop them performing at their best once in role.

We need to promote flexible approaches to work, invest in training inclusive leadership styles, and nurture skills in personal and situational leadership throughout our organisations.

This work is all about fostering the right culture and working environment for your people. To be at their best, you need to put them in the right situation, where they feel at their best; where they feel valued and included.

VIDEO: Diversity & Inclusion at P&G

The rewards for this are holistic: business results improve, pride in your company increases, retention levels increase.

Our objective remains to attract and retain the best talent for our company. People today don’t just expect diversity and inclusion, they demand it. Trust in your business is built upon these cultural foundations. Encouraging creativity and sparking innovation is key. Embracing diversity and inclusion is fundamental to having an organisation where everyone feels valued, everyone feels included and everyone is performing at their peak… and the business results that follow will be your reward.

Niall de Lacy
HR Director, P&G UK and Ireland