Fairy Named as One of the UK's Most Trusted Brands

British Brands Group Survey: Consumer Trust in Brands
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 1:50 pm GMT


New research launched in the UK by The British Brands Group sheds new light on trust and brands, how trust is built, why trust is valuable to us all and the impact trust has on the success of products. The research looks at trust in nine European countries and 30 product categories per country, making it the largest study of its kind.

We are very proud that Fairy is named in the top 10 trusted UK brands.

Trust is a powerful force in inspiring our confidence in products, guiding our preferences and inspiring our loyalty but it is not necessarily well understood. Branded goods associations across Europe commissioned a major three-part study to help fill this gap. It assesses how trust is built, its impact on the working of markets and company performance, and the wider economic implications.

Fairy Washing Up Liquid

John Noble, Director of the British Brands Group, said, “Trust matters, and not just to each of us as individuals. Win trust and the brand grows. Products will be recommended more, attract more buyers and be more successful. There is a powerful mutual benefit. What matters is not only how products perform but how they are produced and the values of the companies behind them.”

An important new study into the brands we trust, why we do so and how trust can be built. The study goes on to look at the implications for companies and the wider economy, concluding that trusted brands add value in many ways.

Learn more about the British Brands Group at:  www.britishbrandsgroup.org.uk

Read the summary of the three reports published by The British Brands Group 

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