P&G awarded Inclusive Service Provider for the first audio-described ads ever seen in UK

Friday, November 17, 2017 10:40 am GMT


We are very honoured to be named Inclusive Service Provider of the Year, in recognition of our pioneering work, at the 2017 Disability-smart Awards #DSAwards, presented by Business Disability Forum in London, yesterday, 16 November 2017.

A chance observation at a meeting at P&G has led to the appearance of the first adverts to be fully accessible to people with vision impairments in the UK.

P&G’s Global Inclusive Design Manager Sam Latif has been the driving force behind the development of the first-ever advert with audio description seen in the UK.  The , 30 second spot on Fairy dishwashing, aired in August 2017.  The motivation behind the ad was a direct result of Sam’s insight into the iconic ‘Flash Dog’ advert.  The humour and irony of the ad which features Queen’s iconic ‘Flash’ song alongside a hilarious talking dog was lost on vision impaired Sam due to a lack of audio-description.  The journey then began to bring audio-description to as many P&G ads as possible to open up the enjoyment to a wider audience.

Flash Ah-ah Dog #FlashDog 2016 [audio-described] Advert | | P&G UK and Ireland :

Sam Latif, Inclusive Design Consultant at Procter and Gamble, said:

As a company that has many household brands like Fairy, Pampers and Ariel - used by people across the UK everyday its vitally important for us that we reflect the diversity of our audience – both inside and outside P&G.  We recognise it’s the everyday interactions that make the biggest difference to making people feel valued and included and it’s also a business opportunity as our message now is expanding to 2 million consumers who have vision loss in the UK with whom we are able to now better communicate.   As the Global leader of P&G’s ‘People with Disabilities Network’ and being a Mum with impaired vision myself, P&G have harnessed my passion and ideas to help influence change for all people with a vision impairment, both within the workplace and outside.   It was in an internal meeting when the ‘aha’ moment came to me – everyone was laughing at the Flash advert and I had no idea why.  When it was explained to me I got the humour and could understand the ad.

P&G's Sam Latif accepting award for Inclusive Service Provider

“From there the journey started - I saw the opportunity, ran some research a group of disabled people to validate whether there would be interest from people with disabilities on audio description for ads. We partnered with the RNIB to help understand demand. They helped with making some of the connections with the audio description production companies. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which sparked enthusiasm and huge momentum in the company.

I continue to lead this initiative. Throughout the journey I have brought the broader organisation onboard to the big idea and have been able to provide my personal experiences of being blind to check and validate the audio description quality. We're on a journey in this area and it's a journey that we feel is important.”


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P&G's Sam Latif accepting award for Inclusive Service Provider