"Our commitment to no deforestation in our palm supply chain is unequivocal"

Commitment to Work with Local Farmers to Improve Practices
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 4:03 pm BST


Today, we announced an advancement in our global sustainability goals by declaring a commitment to no deforestation in our palm oil supply chain. Our aim is to help improve practices with all its suppliers, including small local farmers, to ensure protection of forests.

“P&G’s commitment to no deforestation in our palm supply chain is unequivocal,” said Len Sauers, P&G Vice President of Global Sustainability.

Our new goals call for ensuring no deforestation in our entire palm supply chain. Specific commitments include:

  1. Establish traceability of palm oil and palm kernel oil to supplier mills by December 31, 2015.
  2. Ensuring no deforestation in the palm supply chain to plantations by 2020.

    For palm oil, require suppliers to submit plans by December 31, 2015 that demonstrate how they will ensure no deforestation in the supply chain for their mills by 2020.

    For palm kernel oil, begin investing in and working with small farmers, with the aim of improving their practices to ensure no deforestation in the supply chain by 2020.

  3. Working with suppliers, industry peers, NGOs, academic experts and other stakeholders to promote consistent industry standards and practices for sustainable palm oil sourcing.

  4. Continuing to support universal human rights as outlined in P&G’s existing Sustainability Guidelines for Suppliers, and to support the rights of indigenous people.

  5. Reporting annually on progress toward achieving these goals.

“Our aim is to develop effective long-term solutions to the complicated issue of palm oil sustainability. We are committed to driving positive change throughout the entire supply chain, not just for us, but for the industry and for the small farmers who depend on this crop,” Sauers said.

To read the full release, click here.

To learn more about the goals, visit PG.com/sustainability.

INFOGRAPHIC: An Overview of Our Palm Oil Supply Chain

Lisa Popyk
P&G Global Sustainability Communications


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