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P&G's Always brand welcomes a new Sister for Education - Alina Devecerski


Monday, November 19, 2012 11:00 am GMT



Alina Devecerski, the Swedish singer and songwriter behind super hit “Flytta på dej”, has become the newest Sister for Education – the campaign from Always and UNESCO to help girls and women in Senegal fight illiteracy. Alina has been visiting Senegal to learn more about the education program and to meet girls and women already helped by the campaign. Upon her return, she will hold a concert as a thank you to all the Nordic girls who have got involved in the cause and raised awareness about illiteracy. The concert is going to be held December 5th and will be live streamed on the Spotify platform and from the Spotify head office in Stockholm. She will perform songs from her new album Maraton, which is released today, November 19th.

“Sisters for Education” is a partnership between Always (Procter & Gamble) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the initiative aims to raise funds to help Senegalese girls and women learn basic skills such as reading and writing. The overall goal is to help 40 000 girls and women by 2015 and to raise the important issue of illiteracy among girls in developing countries.

Alina was chosen as the new ambassador because she fitted perfectly into the Always UNESCO criteria. She is a strong, independent woman with her own voice and she feels strongly about helping other girls

­"I am very happy to be a part of this program, which gives me the possibility to help raise awareness about this very important matter. I think we should remember that we are all very similar to each other, no matter where we were bron or now live. We share the same feelings and the same dreams. The situation today is that all girls and women do not have the same possibilities to take control of their own future. This needs to change now," says Alina Devecerski.

Alina is reporting live from her experiences in Senegal on Facebook ( and this is a unique opportunity for girls in the Nordics to get an insight in the initiative themselves. She is traveling to villages around Dakar and Saint Louis and by visiting schools, interviewing young women, teachers and local politicians, to gain a deeper understanding of the problems with illiteracy and the consequences it brings to the lives of young women.

Alina continues, "I feel very privileged to get the opportunity to travel to Senegal to meet students involved in this program that has already helped many to learn how to read and write. This is a human right. We can already see the positive effects of women helping each other, but we can still do so much more."

The concert is going to be held December 5th and will be live streamed from the offices of Spotify in Stockholm. This is the first time Spotify have streamed a concert live simultaneously in the four Nordic countries. All girls and women that have supported the campaign are invited and for a lucky few, to see it live in Stockholm and get to meet and talk to Alina.


UNESCO considers the education of girls and women as a fundamental human right and launched in 2011 a Global Partnership on Girls’ and Women’s Education, which complements other United Nations initiatives and focuses on two main areas falling through the policy cracks – secondary education and adult literacy. Within this context, UNESCO has established a High-Level Panel on Girls’ and Women’s Education for Empowerment and Gender Equality to support this new Global Partnership. P&G through its brand Always is part of this high level Panel. The collaboration between Always and UNESCO was almost a “natural” fit as both parties share the same purpose of “girls’ and women’s empowerment”.

Approximately 90 million girls around the world are missing out on education and in developing countries, 1 girl out of 4 is still not in school. A child born to a mother who can read is 65% more likely to survive past age 5. Today, half of the Senegalese population does not know how to read and write – there of 63 percent are women.

For more informaiton on the campaign, interview requests with Alina or pictures, please contact:

Elin Andersson Turunen, MSL, +4670 848 90 86,

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