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Official Hair Care Partner develops a variety of styles for fans to show their support

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 4:21 pm BST


"As a team, there is nothing better than seeing the fans, and hearing them chant, so having this support makes such a difference"

Claudia Winkleman and Lioness players celebrate the launch of #JoinThePride with Head & Shoulders

As part of their ongoing partnership with the England’s Men’s and Women’s football teams, Head & Shoulders, has revealed a series of bespoke hair styles for fans to adopt, so they can show their support for the Lionesses this summer.

With June fast-approaching, it is time to put 3 Lines in your hair, to represent the 3 Lions on your shirt and support the Lionesses this summer. As part of the Head & Shoulders family, TV Personality Claudia Winkleman is urging everyone to get behind the team. The 3 Lines style is one that everyone can get involved with and adapt to suit their personal style, hair type, and length – from 3 twists to 3 cornrows, to even getting Scalp Brave and shaving 3 Lines to #JoinThePride and get behind the team in their bid for glory.

Head & Shoulders new DERMA&PURE formula gives both male and female fans the confidence to own these styles by preventing early signs of dandruff, leaving both hair and the scalp looking great. The new antioxidant-rich DERMA&PURE formula relieve the scalp from the early and invisible signs - such as itching, oiliness, dryness and flakes - to stop dandruff before it even shows.

When asked how it will feel to see everyone wearing the 3 Lines to support the team, Keira Walsh, England Midfielder commented: “As a team, there is nothing better than seeing the fans, and hearing them chant, so having this support makes such a difference”

Claudia Winkleman, Head & Shoulders Ambassador, added: “This summer it’s time to put 3 lines in your hair, for the 3 lions on your shirt, to support the Lionesses. The women’s team are so talented - I loved meeting them and getting to see them in action. However you choose to wear the 3 lines, we can get on board and support with both our hair (and with some chanting)”

Head & Shoulders previously announced their two-year partnership with The Football Association. The partnership saw Head & Shoulders become the first Official Hair Care Partner of the England Men’s and Women’s Football Teams to support both squads in their major tournaments this year and next.

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