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New documentary lifts the lid on the last taboo in women’s health

In an industry first, Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder releases a short documentary to help break the silence around a condition that affects 1 in 3 women in the UK [1]  |  #AlwaysDiscreet


Wednesday, July 13, 2016 2:42 pm BST


"I love being who I am, now"

“If another woman can be open about it, I can be open about it too, there’s no shame in it”, Sandra Small, age 53.  

Inspired by the stories of real women across the country, UK film director Flora Berkeley has partnered with Always Discreet to create a ground-breaking documentary that aims to give a voice to the 1 in 3 women suffering from a condition that many feel reluctant to talk about; adult incontinence (AI).


Silenced by shame, nearly half (45%) of sufferers admit that sensitive bladder affects their happiness, leaving them feeling embarrassed, alone and trapped in a body much older than their years. Further research from Always Discreet – revolutionary products for bladder leak protection - confirms how damaging AI can be to women’s self-esteem, with 42% admitting to feeling less attractive and feminine and up to half of all women experiencing negative thoughts about themselves because of the condition.


“I love being who I am, now”, Claudia McDonald, retired, age 58.  

Empowered by Always Discreet to tell their story, the five women in the documentary demonstrate that no woman needs to compromise on her quality of life or self-confidence because of this condition. Instead, the film follows the active and limitless lives of Corali Sacerdote 44 from Somerset, 53 year old Sandra Small from Leyton, 61 year old Alyth Yelland from Henley on Thames, 58 year old Claudia McDonald from Wells, and Jane Duckworth from Cornwall, 47. Whether it’s teaching client’s yoga in the studio, or jumping round with the kids in the park in Henley, boxing every week or openly talking about the condition without embarrassment, each women has an uplifting message of reassurance to the millions of women like them: that nothing can hold them back.


“I wanted to talk about it, definitely. I wanted for someone else to say ‘its ok, its fine’, but I didn’t”, Corali Sacerdote, 44, Pilates Teacher. 

Driven by her passion to tell the stories that need to be told, director Flora Berkeley has created a powerful platform for four brave women who millions of other women up and down the UK living with AI, will be able to relate to. Her documentary, which aims to normalise the condition and stimulate conversation around the topic, celebrates the confidence and self-assured womanhood of these inspirational protagonists as they openly share their story of what it means to live with AI today.


Full documentary available to view here:


Berkeley explains: “For many women, AI is associated with imperfection, vulnerability and loss of control, which are things that they find it hard to be open about in relation to themselves and their bodies. The relief that women with AI then feel when they are able to talk about their condition is incredible; it reassures them that they are not alone and removes the debilitating stigma and embarrassment so many women suffer with. That’s why I am so proud to be partnering with Always Discreet to create this documentary. The hope is that these five voices will help empower millions to live life they want without fear.”


“I thought incontinence was just me”, Alyth Yelland, 61, Movement Teacher   

Always Discreet campaign ambassador and GP Dr Sarah Jarvis has long shared the brand’s commitment to removing the stigma around bladder sensitivity. She explains, “Urinary incontinence may be the last taboo, but it is incredibly common, especially among women who’ve gone through childbirth or menopause. However, lots of women are still uncomfortable sharing their experiences, even with trusted confidantes.”


“I’m am hugely passionate about encouraging women to have a conversation with their family or close friends and most importantly their GP. As well as talking about the condition, there are simple lifestyle changes women can try too including frequent pelvic floor exercises, drinking less caffeinated drinks and finding the right specialist products for you,” Dr Jarvis continues.


“If I want to jump around on the trampoline with the kids, I can!”, Alyth Yelland

At Always Discreet, we believe that no woman should feel held back from living life to their fullest potential, but we understand the huge emotional and physical impact worries over bladder leaks can have; for example more than a third of women wish they could exercise more and almost half feeling limited by what they can wear. We also understand that for many, it’s not feeling able to talk to anyone about their condition which can have the biggest impact on their quality of life.


That’s why we believe it is so important to help break the silence around sensitive bladder and our hope is that this documentary, the first for our industry, will help empower millions of women and reassure them that they are not alone,” explains Lourdes Fuentes, UK Brand Manager for Always Discreet.


As the women in the documentary explain, using the right specialist products can help women experiencing bladder leaks take back control of their lives. Specially designed for women who want to live a full and active lifestyle, Always Discreet for sensitive bladder offers a full range of liners, pads and pants. Always Discreet Liners & Pads are surprisingly thin, yet so protective; they have an absorbent core that quickly turns liquid into gel, removing leaks and odours in seconds.

Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder pants have a thin and discreet feminine design as well as a Triple Layer technology that attracts, traps and locks away wetness and odour, providing 100% protection. With full length LeakGuards for extra security and a soft cotton-like feel, Always Discreet pants give every wearer extra confidence to live the age they feel inside with nothing holding them back.

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[1] 1Milsom I, Altman D, Lapitan MC, Nelson R, Sillen U, Thom D. Epidemiology of urinary (UI) and faecal (FI) incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). In: 4th International Consultation on Incontinence. Recommendations of the International Scientific Committee: evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and fecal incontinence, ed. P Abrams, L Cardozo, S Khoury, A Wein. Paris: Health Publication Ltd (2009). 


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About Always Discreet | #AlwaysDiscreet

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Survey methodology

Always worked in conjunction with IPSOS to conduct research into how bladder sensitivity affects the lives of women with the condition, including the way they feel about themselves and the age they feel inside. The survey comprised in depth lifestyle questions answered by 200 women who experienced frequent AI (at least once a week) and 200 women without AI in each of the three countries – Great Britain, Germany and France – in March 2015. Testing level between groups: 90% confidence level.

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